What is a Category?

Last Updated: Sep 02, 2016 07:47PM PDT
Categories are one of the three core elements of every Mukurtu site, and help users search and browse for content. The other two core elements are Communities and Cultural Protocols.

Categories are terms that describe your digital heritage items. They should be broad enough that each item on your site is represented by at least one category and so each category describes many items. For example, ‘Fishing’ or ‘Food’ may make good categories as they could apply to a range of items, but ‘salmon’ may not make a good category, as it is likely to only apply to a small number of items. For narrower or more specialized terms, consider using keywords. More information about keywords is available in the support article Using Categories and Keywords.

Most Mukurtu sites usually have around 10-15 categories, but the categories chosen should reflect the collection and users.

Some examples of commonly used categories include Lifeways, Education, Lands, Architecture and Dwellings, Language, Ceremony, and Artistry and Artifacts.

For more information about creating and managing categories, read the support article How to Create Categories.