What is a Digital Heritage Item?

Last Updated: Sep 02, 2016 09:12PM PDT
Digital Heritage Items are the main pieces of content that populate a Mukurtu site and combine metadata and media assets to share cultural heritage about an object, person, story, image, and  more. Digital heritage items can be as simple as a few lines of text or metadata; they can be built around a single media asset, like an image, video, document, or audio clip; or they can be more complex, using multiple media assets and rich metadata to tell a story.

Digital Heritage Items are grouped together by categories, and are created within communities. Appropriate user access to items is provided through cultural protocols.
For more information about creating digital heritage items, read the support article How to Create Digital Heritage Items.

Mukurtu CMS includes an extensive set of descriptive, administrative, and technical metadata fields to best represent digital heritage items. While some fields are more generic (e.g. Title, Description, or Format), there are additional fields that allow for a richer experience, such as Cultural Narrative, Traditional Knowledge, and an interactive Location field. For more information about metadata fields in Mukurtu CMS, read the support article Digital Heritage Metadata Fields.

For more information about creating digital heritage items, watch the video below.