What Goes in the Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Narrative Fields?

Last Updated: Sep 02, 2016 09:33PM PDT
The Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Narrative fields are descriptive digital heritage item  fields unique to Mukurtu and allow community members to share additional information about cultural material that may not be appropriately represented in other fields. While they serve similar purposes and are flexible enough to fit community needs, Cultural Narratives highlight contextual historical, social, and/or political information. Traditional Knowledge is internal, unique, or otherwise esoteric knowledge that is not usually known outside of community members.

As an example, if a digital heritage item consists of a photo of a unique woven basket (and associated metadata), the Description field may be a general physical description of the basket, the Cultural Narrative field may explain the materials used in the basket and meaning of the woven patterns, and the Traditional Knowledge field may provide more information about traditional basket making and use within the community.

In addition to being a text field, contributors can embed media (images, video, or audio clips) directly into the Cultural Narrative and Traditional Knowledge fields. For more information, read the support article How to add audio and video to your Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Narrative fields.