How to Add and Manage Site Users and Registration

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 09:43AM PDT
There are three ways to manage user registration: Administrator registration only, visitor registration with administrator approval (this is the default), or visitor registration with no approval.

By default, new sites are set to visitor registration with administrator approval. Site visitors can request an account by submitting a username and e-mail address. They can also request membership in communities that are displayed on the registration page.

When a visitor submits an account request, the site administrator receives an email with their user information. The site administrator can then approve or block the account, select which communities the account will be added to, and assign the account a site-wide role.

If site registration is set to administrator registration only, visitors will not be able to submit account requests, and all accounts must be manually created by the site administrator. This includes entering username, e-mail address, and a temporary password, adding the account to communities, and assigning a site-wide user role.

It is not recommended to enable visitor registration with no approval.

To manage user registration, from the Dashboard, select Manage user registration from the Site Users box. A screen overlay will load.

In the Registration and Cancellation box, select the registration method of choice.

Click Save configuration at the bottom of the screen.

For a site visitor to request a new account, from any page on the site, click Log in in the top right corner.

Select the Create new account tab.

Enter the username of choice, a valid e-mail address (a confirmation message will be sent to this e-mail), and select any communities in which membership is requested (these selections may be modified by the site administrator).

For a site administrator to review a visitor-requested account, either click the link provided in the notification e-mail sent to the site administrator’s e-mail account, or from the Dashboard, follow the Manage users link in the Site Users box.

All site users will be listed, with the most recently created/requested accounts at the top. Accounts pending approval will be identified as blocked in the status field. To review an account, click edit.

From here the username and e-mail address can both be changed if needed.
Do not enter anything in the password fields.
To approve the account, set the Status to Active. To leave the account pending, leave the Status as blocked.
Accounts can be toggled between active and blocked status at any time.
Set the appropriate site-wide user role. The default for a site user is the pre-selected authenticated user. For more information on user roles, see the article How do User Roles and Permissions Work?

Remove or add community membership as appropriate.
To approve and activate an account after toggling the status to active, click Save.
To leave an account pending, after toggling the status to blocked, click Save.
To delete an inappropriate or spam account, click Cancel account.

If the account was saved, a confirmation message will appear.
If the account was deleted, another confirmation screen will appear. Select the type of account cancellation: disabling the account will render its status blocked, but the account will still exist; deleting the account will completely remove it from the user list.
Click Cancel account.

To create a new account as a site administrator, either follow +User from the navigation menu, or Add User from the Site Users box on the Dashboard.

Enter the desired username, a valid e-mail address, and a temporary password (the user will receive an e-mail prompt to change their password and log in).
Toggle the status to Active.
Set the appropriate site-wide user role. The default for a site user is the pre-selected authenticated user. Select Notify user of new account.
Assign community membership as appropriate.
Click Create new account.