How to Change the Menu Buttons

Last Updated: May 18, 2017 09:37AM PDT
By default, Mukurtu comes configured with four menu buttons enabled: About, Browse Collections, Browse Digital Heritage, and Browse Communities. About points to the About page (, Browse Collections points to the collections page (, Browse Digital Heritage points to the digital heritage search/browse page (, and Browse Communities points to the communities page (
The button text and target urls can be edited, existing buttons can be disabled, new buttons can be added, and the display order of buttons can be changed.

From the Dashboard, click Enable and disable extra menu items in the Set up Site box.

A list of all buttons, enabled and disabled, will be displayed.
To rearrange the display of buttons (they will be ordered from left to right), click on the cross symbol beside a button and a drag to reorder.

To remove a button from the menu, but not delete it, uncheck the box in the Enabled column.

To delete a button entirely, click Delete.

And then click Confirm on the confirmation screen.

To change the button text or path, click edit.

Update the Menu link title to change the button text.
The path can either be an internal path, or a url.

Click Save when done.

To add a new button to the menu, click +Add link.

Enter the button text in the menu link title field, and the target path in the path field.
Click Save when done.