Managing Dictionary User Roles

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2017 10:24AM PDT
Within each Language Community, there are two user roles: Language Steward and Language Contributor. These two roles function similar to Protocol Stewards and Contributors in cultural Protocols.

Language Stewards are responsible for managing Parts of Speech, creating new Word Lists, entering new Dictionary Words, editing words entered by Language Contributors and managing user roles within the language community.

Language Contributors are responsible for entering new Dictionary Words.

The "Administrator Member" role does not include any capabilities beyond that of Language Stewards, and is a role automatically assigned to the that created the language community. It is not a role that needs to be managed or assigned, and will be removed from the display in a future update, to improve clarity.

On the Dashboard, select Manage Language Communities from the Dictionary box.

Select the Language Community to be edited.

Select Group.


Select Add People.


Begin typing the username to be added – select the name from the drop-down menu that fills in.
Set the user as either a language contributor or language steward.
Click Add Users.


A confirmation message will be displayed. More users can now be added, or you can return to the rest of the site.