How to Create a Word List

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016 04:32PM PST
Language Stewards can create new word lists, and add dictionary words to word lists.
Language Contributors can add their dictionary words to existing word lists.

From the dashboard, select Create a Word List from the Dictionary box.

Basic Tab
Provide a Word List Name and Description so users know what content to expect in the word list.
A featured image can be added to the Image field by drag and dropping from the media library.

Advanced Tab
In the Words field, begin typing a word to add to the list, and select the word from the dropdown menu. Dictionary words must already be created to appear in the menu.
Click Save when done.

To add more words to the list, click Add another item and repeat.

A confirmation message will be displayed, and the word list will be shown. To add more words to the list, or edit it, click Edit.