How to Create a Dictionary Word

Last Updated: Nov 11, 2016 04:40PM PST
While the term Dictionary Word is used, entries can be complete words, but can also include word components (roots, affixes, etc), phrases, sentences, and other types of entries.
Language Stewards and Language Contributors can create Dictionary Words.

Click + Dictionary Word in the navigation menu.


Basic Tab
  • Term is a required field, enter the Warumungu word.
  • Language will be automatically default to Warumungu.
  • Alternate Spelling can be used to enter alternate ways to write the word.
  • Source can be used if the word is coming from a specific dictionary, contributed by one speaker, originating in a given country, etc…
  • Translation can be the translation in English (or another language).
  • Pronunciation is a flexible field, and formatting (bold, underline, etc) can be used to best indicate pronunciation.

  • To add a Recording, open the media library, and either find a recording already uploaded, or upload a new recording, following the instructions in Managing Media Assets as a Contributor/Administrator. To add multiple recordings, press Add another recording and repeat the process.
  • Parts of Speech can be selected from the dropdown list created by a Language Steward.
  • Definition can be used to further expand a translation, or used if the word does not translate easily.
  • Sample Sentences can be either text, or audio recording (added the same way as the Recording field. To add multiple sentences, press Add another sample sentence and repeat.
  • Multiple keywords can be entered to help users search for words, separated with semicolons.
  • To add images to the Additional Media field, drag them in from the media library.

Relations Tab
  • Connect related dictionary words by choosing from the drop-down menu. Words will have to be created before they appear in the list.
  • Connect related digital heritage items by choosing from the drop-down menu. Digital heritage items will have to be created before they appear in the list.
  • Place words in Word Lists by choosing from the drop-down menu. Word Lists will have to be created before they appear in the list.
  • Dictionary words can be restricted using the cultural protocols you already have access to. By default, dictionary words are public.