Updating a Reclaim-hosted Mukurtu CMS Site

Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019 09:40AM PDT
The process for updating a Mukurtu site hosted by Reclaim can now be done directly by Reclaim clients through the Reclaim Client Portal https://portal.reclaimhosting.com  (not through the Mukurtu Dashboard).

Login to your Reclaim account at https://portal.reclaimhosting.com  

Select the appropriate domain from the cPanel tab.

Click on My Apps in the Applications menu.

Find the Mukurtu site to be updated. Click the red arrow icon to update (sites on the current version will not show this icon).

The current (installed) version will be displayed. Select the version to update to in the Destination Version field (it will default to the latest version). Click Update.

A progress bar will display the update progress. 

When done, the site will show the currently installed version of Mukurtu CMS.
*Even though the update may appear to complete quite quickly, allow at least 15 minutes for the behind the scenes updating to complete and continuing to work on your site.*

If there are any issues with the update, contact Reclaim Hosting for assistance.