How to Include HTML in Rich Text Fields

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017 02:57PM PDT

There are certain site elements that can be customized with some (limited) HTML. This includes the site header (front page), footer, about page, community pages, and some descriptive fields like Description, Cultural Narrative, and Traditional Knowledge.

There are multiple options for text formatting on these fields (see attached screenshot). Each of these behave slightly differently, but there is a specific workflow that will help get best results when using HTML code.

  1. Open the box/page/field for editing

  2. Toggle text format to “Display Suite Code” or “Plain Text”

  3. Enter your code (below you can see the basic header/front page code)

  4. Toggle BACK to “Full HTML” (you will see a visual preview of your edits)

  5. Save

Note: It is a good idea to prepare and review text in an external text editor (something basic like textwrangler or notepad++ is sufficient), just in case the code gets altered when toggling between formats. You can enter your changes in Display Suite or Plain Text, copy them to a blank notepad, toggle the text format and save. If all goes well, that’s great, but if something goes awry you will have your most recent edits and won’t have to re-enter everything by hand. There is no need to keep these, but they are a useful shortcut when working.